Digital Signage, Digital Signage Supplier in Oman, Egypt, Bahrain

Digital Signage Solution

Display Management

  • Supports displays of any size, resolution and orientation
  • Quick and very easy registration process
  • Manage display properties and tag them for easy search and schedule
  • Remotely manage and troubleshooting option like clear cache, app reboot & live screenshot
  • Monitor and manage device uptime and connectivity

Asset Management

  • Provision to upload single or multiple image or videos
  • Supported image formats – JPEG, GIF and PNG (with transperency)
  • Supported Video formats – mp4, avi, mkv
  • Supports 4K resolution and videos of any aspect ratio including landscape and potrait

Layout And Compositions

  • Design screen layout or choose from standard template
  • Editor to create any number of zone/partition within display area
  • Support any display size and display orientation
  • Easy options to create playlist/compostion as per the layout
  • Supports image, video and contents from apps

Supported Devices

  • Supports various signage player hardware OS which includes Android, Chorme OS, Linux, Windows, Amazon Fire TV based, LG WebOS and Samsung Tizen
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